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I have a Colt Gov .45 Series 70 FS/FT. I traded with a member on NWF for this pistol.
It was listed as a hard chrome finish on the gun but I've since been told it may be polised stainless.

In either case it is a very beautiful and accurate pistol.

The pistol comes with 3 mags, 100 rounds, and a new never used Bianchi IWB holster.

I would like to trade for a DS Arms FAL metric. I will add cash to the trade.

I will sale for 950.

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Hey life is to short to carry an ulgy pistol.

You can e-mail me at lesliebo@charter.net or call 541-391-0801. My PM file is full and I can't seem to empty it.
THanks for looking.
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Off the top of my head, your Colt Series 70 was made in 1974...and Colt didn't introduce any stainless models until the 80's. So if it's not hard chrome, not sure what finish is on it.

Be well.
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The pistol is Hard Chrome... I'm the previous owner...I just didn't need a BBQ gun here in Oregon; Maybe if I lived in Texas!
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