WTS/WTT OR Colt Delta Elite SS in 10mm and NIB OS Colt NM 40S&W barrel/spring/mags

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by jdogg, Sep 13, 2015.

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    Hello fellow NWF'ers - looking to trade or sell my Delta Elite and 40S&W conversion kit; Cash price is approx $1300 and trade (approx value of $1400 dependent on my interest) would be, preferably, a built or higher end Rem 700 (pretty much anything but Savage) but willing to be persuaded towards anything in 308 or 30 cal (nothing long action or high power - I am wimp!).

    I was looking at it the other day and realized I barely go hunting much these days, especially for bear, which it was purchased, and already have 4 1911's. I would rather start long range shooting and passively shoot the listless Colts in the stable a little more - that being said, have you any higher end 1911's, I can add cash or trade for the right gun (Nighthawk, Les Baer and etc). This particular 1911 is in good shape but, like most 10mms, carried a lot and shot a little. Not ugly or abused, just not as pretty as I like. I was going to send this to Alchemy or APG for a finishing after beavertail install.

    Sounds high, as the going price for a Delta is around a grand, but included is the VERY difficult to find brand spankin' new Colt factory National Match barrel in 40S&W, along with a colt factory mag and a new S&W mag. Colt isnt cheap especially for NIB old stock, if you can actually find one NIB. The actual Colt 10mm/40SW kits are over $2K now.

    I am not intersted in anything outside .30 cals (stockpiled too many projectiles) or Savage rifles (I have had poor experiences with them and my smith hates em).Not interested in lower end firearms, dont be offended if I am not receptive to offers of pedestrian or poor quality. Also, although optics can be included, I have sufficient glass for what I need and will probably value your offer for less than market.

    Pics up manana (dropped my phone in parts cleaner - hopefully she dries out);you know what a 1911 looks like, this looks like that.

    IMG_0250.JPG IMG_0251.JPG IMG_0270.JPG

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    Stainless right?
    Drop me a line later this evening.
    I am just in Stayton.
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