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    I have a new Colt 6520 AR-15. 16 inch light taper barrel . M4 feed cuts and extension. It is new and unfired. Comes with box, sling etc. It is LE/Mil Only marked but that doesnt mean anything anymore. . Possible trades would be a nice FAL with mags and some ammo and I can include the same or a New S&W or Bushmaster or Rock River full length 20" AR-15 ( Not a parts Kit gun ) of comparable value as long as it does not have a sear block lower. up or down value negotiable. Other trade offers certainly entertained. With 700 Rounds SS109 and 10 Pmags, and 2 colt mags.

    Approximate trade value with mags and ammo would be $1200 ish

    Please email at Please use the email. I don't check PM's very often.

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