Colt ar-15 sp1 Lower reciever

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by mvangaasbeck, Mar 8, 2013.

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    I just recieved this lower reciever fom my grandpa and i am planning on building a gun with it. where would be the best place to buy the parts for it? or is this lower reciever even worth using?
  2. Mr. Ben

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    Build a retro AR15
  3. lowrider47

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    With that reciever Mr Ben is right, build a retro. However right now uppers and lowers are hard to come by but check different sights on the web for recievers and yes that is a buildable reciever.
  4. Nwcid

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    I know it does not answer your question but I agree with the other 2.

    The SP1 lower is built different then the modern receiver but most parts still fit both. If you are not planning on doing a retro build you might be better served by selling that lower for a "modern" one. Prices are all over the place and parts can be hard to come by so I am not even going to speculate on price or where to get them.

    Here is a SP1 on top and an A2 on the bottom. If you look close you will see many difference.

  5. eldbillbo

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    The coolest build for that would be a retro build as noted late 60s 70s era as your lower is probably from the 70s or early 80s

    but you can build any confirgeration you want with it the only part that will be different from todays parts is the front take down pin this will require a large pin upper from Colt you wont find a flat top with a large pin as they are rare and very expensive but you can find A1s and A2s pretty commonly or you can use a offset pin to use modern uppers which cost less than $10

    another thing that will be a issue is only colt used that gray color they were the first and thats what the military was using at that time later everything went black

    if you want a modern lower i would be glad to trade you a spikes tactical or eagle arms for it.
  6. Parke brown

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    Just got all my parts together, all but the lower was purchased without incident on eBay. The lower was bought at a gun show properly. Ambidextrous safety and mag release, upgraded pins and springs- and the exact trigger I want ( cost more than the lower).
    Sound like your doing it right, slow, steady, a little research and a lot of comparison shopping and you will have a gun that is truly a reflection of yourself. Way to go!

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