Colt 38 Super

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by sjmagnum, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. sjmagnum

    sjmagnum Guest

    Colt 1911 Lwt Commander Stainless .38 Super. Less than 150 rds through. $ SOLD FTF cash sale. 1 box of shells. Im on the coast near Coos Bay. OR. Can maybe meet halfway or in valley? Need to sell to build new project. Very nice and fun gun to shoot.:thumbup: SOLD
  2. sjmagnum

    sjmagnum Guest

    wow.... where are the colt guys????
  3. sjmagnum

    sjmagnum Guest

    not that it really matters, but look at the, "Rampant Colt" roll mark on the slide. its upside down. i didnt notice it when i bought it, or for a long time. Funny though:laugh:
  4. tuckerha

    Tucson, Arizona

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    The 1911 lovers are around. Dang nice pistol. If I was closer to you, I'd likely make you an offer.
  5. sjmagnum

    sjmagnum Guest

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