Colt 1991A1 45 ACP pistol for trade

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by OregonJohn, May 13, 2012.

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    I have for trade a Colt 1991A1 45 ACP pistol. This is the Series 80. Nice clean pistol. Just a little holster wear on the left end of the muzzle and seen in the picture. Looks to have been fired very little. Looks to be 100% factory original. It will come with two Colt mags. Not sure if either one of them were original to the pistol. Standard handling marks from use. For me to keep it, I would have to modify it with all the high speed goodies. Seem a shame to on this gun. Location of trade to be worked out. If you feel the need to make a cash offer, please feel free to PM me. If I like it, I just might take it and go buy more toys. But this is being offered as a trade, so please no PMs asking for a cash price.

    1) Looking for 45 ACP pistols. in the same value as the Colt with beavertail/hammer, ect. Sig 1911, Springfield 1911, base model Kimber, or others. Or a nice Sig P220 full size.
    2) Base model AR-15 M4 style does not have to be factory, but need to be reliable. Not going to use it to kill Zombies, but not wanting to work on it at the range.
    3) Beretta CX STORM in 45 ACP to replace the one I never should have sold. Might be tempted in a 9mm if it came with lots of goodies.
    4) Swarovski range finder
    5) Remington 700 Varmint rifle, 223, 22-250, would love one in Fireball.
    6) Leupold base model Mark 4 or I need a good Leupold hunting scope and cash.
    7) Over/under shot gun with screw in chokes of like value. Or Benelli M1 or M2 super 90
    8) Sig 522 and cash.
    9) Any other trade you would like to offer. I just like to make a list so people have a good idea of the types of trades I am lookin for. No AKs,SKS, or wheel guns on my list.
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