*** COLT 1878DA *** RARE 1885 .44-40 Frontier Six Shooter

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    Colt Model 1878DA
    .44-40 Caliber
    Manufacture Date: 1885

    Blue with 4 3/4" barrel (only 2928 in this configuration manufactured).

    "Frontier Six Shooter" barrel stamp worn away (common).
    "44" on barrel, "44 CF" on trigger and partial "Colt PT. F.A. MFG Co Hartford CT. U.S.A." remain.

    Original numbers matching cylinder.
    Original rubber grips in very good condition.

    Here are my personal observations regarding mechanics...
    Cylinder is a little "sloppy"- especially when the hammer is down. When cocked, the cylinder turns and tightens the play, but not enough to make me feel comfortable enough to trust shooting. I've never seen or touched another, so maybe it's just the way they work. I am guessing there is approx. 1/8" play when cocked. 1/4" play uncocked.

    I am not a collector, nor do I claim to know anything about old guns, patina, wear, grade, condition, price, etc. Please look at photos or come take a look for yourself.

    I am only looking for a fair trade. I believe this type of gun only will get what someone is willing to pay/trade.

    I'm interested in quality firearms. Colt, HK, Daniel Defense. Specifically- Military issue 1911, any .50 cal, Armalite AR-30 Lapua, AR-10, Arsenal AK, AR-15 odd caliber upper, Colt revolvers, Marlin JK 45-70, .44, .357, HK rifle or upper, HK .45 with hi cap mags.

    Feel free to text me what you've got!


    Photos here:
    COLT 1878DA Photos by portraitpro | Photobucket

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