College Women and Guns

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    There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of on campus rape and what to do about it.

    One group suggested telling young women not to binge drink, not to get blind drunk. Some people had a problem with that.

    Some others have extended the argument - Since they are going to be drunks, they can't be trusted with guns.

    "Last night, gun-grabbing group “Everytown for Gun Safety” shared its concern on Twitter about what your drunk college-age daughters might do with a gun."

    "You think your drunk college-age daughters are bad with their phones? Imagine them with guns"

    2:25 PM - 19 Mar 2015 "

    If you are going to drink, use a recreational drug, be under the influence of a narcotic, or similar; then you need to put up your guns.

    But to argue that college woman can't be trusted with firearms .... well if I suggested that I'd be skewered.
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    Oh, I thought this was a Gun Babe Photo thread..........:(:D

    My sister bought a Mk 1 or 11 or?? years ago for self protection.

    Never shot it............o_O:rolleyes::confused:

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    They might not had as much of a 'problem' with it if they had seen the FOX news story from the major spring break areas this weekend. Lets see, Massive Power Drinking and women getting naked and allowing men to 'do anything' they wanted. I think a claim of 'rape' is being used in many cases to cover the guilt and lack of responsibility on the part of the women in many of these cases. I am trying to be objective with this, and feel the man carries SOME of the responsibility but lets face it GUYS - drunk women offering up anything in an unnatural, high energy sexual feeding frenzy fueled by alcohol and who knows what else? And the man gets charged with 'rape'? I believe there are times when the charge of rape is unfairly applied in cases where the environment and shared actions of all contribute to sexual debauchery.
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    The biggest problem with this argument is the assumption that all college women who are assaulted (sexually or physically) are done so when they are intoxicated. This is simply not even close to being true. All women should have the right to protect themselves.
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    What a fail article.

    An irresponsible 17 year old is equated to be the same as a responsible 21 year old... Last time I checked 17yo's can't conceal carry... Let alone "legally" own a firearm.

    What a fail.

    And that recent girl who was photographed naked, wasn't she 17 as well?

    Yes responsibility falls on all parties. Boys need to be taught respect for women from an early age and girls need to be taught to respect themselves. My child wouldn't stand or walk for a week if I found him/her on a beach naked binge drinking regardless of how old they are.

    Existinalism at its finest. I'll do whatever I want...
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