Collectors West Portland Expo Show With Oregon Military Vehicles Collectors

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    Collectors West's special guests in July will be the Oregon Military Vehicle Collectors association and their 26th Annual Showcase. A regular admission not only gets you into one of the finest summer gun shows in Oregon but also puts you face-to-face with actual military trucks, jeeps, and tons of other great military memorabilia and collectables. This will be the third year in a row that the Vehicle Collectors group have joined us.

    You can't experience living history indoors like this very often so make a point visiting our show this weekend and enjoy the event in crisp air-conditioned comfort!
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    Went to the show today. Purchased an AR-15 from a J&B gun sales. They had a basic model for $550 with a soft case and magazine. The owner made me a great deal on accessories too, lots of matching magpul parts. I can't wait to shoot it tomorrow!

    Vehicles were very cool too. I liked the Stuart.
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    I went on Saturday and enjoyed myself. The prices on a lot of things were competitive with internet prices and I was quite happy there were several ammo dealers with a good supply. ( picked up a case of 5.56 and .40. ) I liked seeing the M3 and thinking of the very brave men who rode in that thing in North Africa against Rommel.
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    Well if anyone is coming on Sunday stop by the TNT Waponry tables and mention this post on NWFA and receive a free accu-wedge. BTW, Joey is nearby with NWFA shirts and hats for sale too!


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