WTS OR Cobb 50 BMG (Now BushMaster) Like New $4000

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    Excellent Condition! This is a bolt operated rifle and comes with 2 - 10 Round Mags. Cobb is the original manufacturer of these style rifles and was later bought out by BushMaster.

    Purchased new about 8 years ago. Fired about 60 rounds thru it over the next few years and put it away.

    Has a Leupold scope - 4.5 X 14 X 50mm, illuminated Red and Green, (it's a knockoff but has held up well and took the punishment).

    Comes with the original Styrofoam formed, case (Pelican) and 50 rounds of new, Eagle 660 grain, ball ammo.

    Well, that's all I can think of. Not too good at writing up ads so, any questions, let me know.

    I can also be reached @ DemonNova@gmail.com

    Cobb 50.JPG Cobb 50_1.JPG Cobb 50_2.JPG Cobb 50_3.JPG Cobb 50_4.JPG Cobb 50_Case.JPG
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    Do you still have rifle
    Interested in trades

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