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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by SG85, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Anyone had any luck in coastal areas so far this season? I have been in out near Philomath and only seen does. Hope some of you have had better luck so far!
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    Hi, A friend and I have been out opening weekend during the typhoon and this last weekend as well. No bucks, and only a few does seen. The good thing is we have found a few really prime areas that we will continue our hunts at. This is the first year I have hunted in Oregon and The Western General or Coast range area in my opinion is one of the hardest terrain to hunt in the PNW. Wow, at times it gets so intimidating that one has to ask himself if there is any chance at all. I have hunted Whitetails in Minnesota for 22 years and felt that my knowledge would roll over to black tail hunting here and almost guarantee a buck harvested. LOL, it has helped some but I have to give praise and credit to you guys who have hunted the coast range and had success. We have been to BLM road 10 off of highway 34, west of marys peak, the Driftwood wilderness area, and just south west of BLM 10 loop.

    I hope if anyone does get a black tail buck in the Coastal range on public property will post their pics and a small story on the terrain, the hunt, and even the preseason scouting. I do not want any specifics on your honey hole location but just some good truthful story telling.
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