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NOT the best prices.

Owner is a trophy hunter.
Go into their corporate office right down the parking lot from the retail store.
It's full of stuffed animals!!!!!

I HATE trophy hunters.

What is a "trophy hunter" in your eyes? You seem to have strong feeling about them. Keep in mind the guys who let the little ones go are leaving them for the tag fillers than can't or wont hold out for a big one.

The meat from a big game animal doesn't go unused.

FWIW, I have done both. Depending on beef slaughter dates and I have a full freezer I will only hunt for quality animals. It is some of the most fun I have had hunting. There has been other times (last deer season) I shot the first buck I saw, 15 minutes into opening day..... It was a major trophy! Spike by fork but took it at 567 Yards- one shot. TROPHY,TROPHY,TROPHY!

I like what I have seen of the BIG "R" FWIW.

I don't hate safari hunters either but I sure am envious!
OH, how about a 10' Polar Bear.

Or a Wolf.

Or a Wolverine.

Or a "whatever that is" from Africa.

Trophy Hunters who shoot animals just to stuff/mount them are scum.

BUT, I don't want to be too judgmental :);):D
Prices are usually set at suggested retail for guns/rifles, higher than most local stores. However, they matched a local gun store on price once when they had a specific caliber I wanted and the other shop was out. Over all prices high - help is great.

We have a Big R in Central Oregon and I've bought several weapons from them. The prices are good, about the same as everywhere else, they usually have a great selection and are helpful.
Trophy Hunters who shoot animals just to stuff/mount them are scum.

BUT, I don't want to be too judgmental :);):D
Rock is a second generation hunter, along with his brother Mike, who is the silent partner these days. They inherited the stores from their dad, who was an avid waterfowl hunter.

They are both avid hunters and outdoorsmen, who happen to be able to afford taxidermy. As far as whether or not they just shoot trophies, you'd be mistaken.

The BigR stores have a great reputation for supplying good quality products, and good service to hunters, fishermen, farmers, ranchers and horse people.
Even their gardening departments were always pretty good.

I've always known them to stand behind their products in a fair manner. Gun related and non-gun related alike.
It's a great place for any DIY-er. I've spent more money in BigR stores over the years than I care to count, and really wish we had one in the Salem area.
I would spend both time and dollars there if they opened a store here, and would shop for guns and gun-related products at BigR before I stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse, or BiMart.
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