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I bought this full tank - from Airgas. It is full and has never been opened. I bought it carbonate my own water. I suppose that it could be used for Paint guns. This is a standard size tank ( about scuba tank size)

ASking $75 or Best offer.

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That tank, and one of these...

<broken link removed>

And you've got a real handy, portable tire inflation system, and also a way to run air tools.
I use this setup at work to run air impact and ratchet wrenches.
Unlike compressed air, CO2 is in a liquid(mebbe a solid) state in the tank, and it boils off to release gas...that means the a tank holds like 15 times the amount of usable vapor vs. compressed gas.
Anyhow, that looks like a good deal on the tank, and I'd be interested if I didn't have one already.
Bump for ya.
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