WTS WA CMT UPUR-1 - 7075 Billet Upper Reciever - Never used, Perfect in Box - Black - Cross Machine

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    PM only for communication please. Prices listed are shipped and net to my account, any taxes, fees, stamps, etc are the responsibility of the buyer. Payment via USPS MO or PayPal (I will not take a gift payment). No trades wanted at all.

    I have this upper:


    It is brand new, touched only for receipt inspection and to take the pictures below. The specks you see on the barrel nut threads are simply dust. I included this picture to show exactly what I mean by unused, it has never had anything outside of the factory done to it.

    I have had a lot of receivers over the years, both upper and lower, high end and other, but this one has the best finish I have ever seen. There are no bare spots, light spots, nothing outside of perfection. I am assuring you that anything outside of absolute perfection in the pictures is either dust or a reflection.

    Only reason for the sale is that I am getting out of a lot of my guns and this will never be used by me. I am including the CMT card and sticker as you would if you bought it straight from Cross Machine & Tool.

    I want to get $160 shipped to your door. These retail for between $190 and $210 online and don't come up for sale too often. The quality is outstanding!

    Please no trade or lowball offers. I am not in a huge rush to sell, but I'm open to reasonable offers from members here with good feedback.

    24417074604_b49739d940.jpg 20160215_085628

    24420865133_4a1576764e.jpg 20160215_085638

    24680091049_f0bfa87857.jpg 20160215_085700

    24420842213_24ff1c0d1c.jpg 20160215_085603
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