I would like to do just the pistol SAFS. I legged out with my M9. Shot first few legs with 1911 GoldCup and built Les Baer by Toyota.
50 some years ago my coach and mentor had been a SAFS Instructor. Kind of would like to see the current training ideas. I do have my own ideas.
I wanted to give a big thanks to the OP for posting about this. If I had not seen this thread I would not have known of this - it was fantastic.

My step-son and I went down and had an absolutely great time - learning so much. It was also a great group of people and so much time given by others coaching and organizing. Really great support from the Oregon Service Rifle Team, as well as the CMP and AMU.

I am giving a lot of thought to building a match rifle, and training and shooting service rifle up here in WA now (both of us).

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