CMMG/Tac Sol. AR15

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    I am forced to sell my CMMG Mil-Spec lower with a Tactical Solutions M4 22lr upper. It comes with 2 mags only one is pictured.

    I purchased the Complete Lower new and never used it. So it is brand new, I only pinned the upper to it for the pics.

    I have used the upper on a different spikes lower and it has functioned 100% with everything I tried (Blazer, CCI Standard Velocity and Mini Mags, and Wolf)

    This is NOT a dedicated 22lr like the M&P 15-22 or others that cannot be converted to centerfire, this is a Mil-Spec Complete Lower.

    The only thing needed to change caliber is a different upper.

    These are meant to be able to practice with your rifle while using cheep and easy to get 22lr ammo. You can build it to match your existing AR so that it is Identical and you don't have to waste your hard to get 223 ammo.

    Asking $1,100 OBO, I don't want to split them up. If you do then please buy the whole thing and resale what you don't want.






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