CMMG Gas Piston AR15 W Kodiac Arms Factory build.

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    Got her used unknown round count and she was "broke" when I got her. HEHE!:bluelaugh:

    Hmmmm Seems first owner never cleaned it. Extractor was fouled with crud and was having FTE issues. Cleaned and spiffed up and what a different gun. (think he paid so much for this he thought he got a gun gremlin with magical cleaning kit)

    I clean it and WOW! Like a top! I lost track of how many rounds I put through her. Not too many as I am more into the AR10 more. It dont have a million rounds and going to say that 500 would be a very high figure. I have been pulling at least a MOA with it so far. Or did the only time I sighted it in. Other than that just been shooting like a Haji or letting my girl play with it. Besides her sitting away in a safe being babied unless good weather shooting.

    Well now I am loving my AR10 a bit much. Way too much. So much I kinda want another.

    So after long thought (and listing the upper only only to pul it down) its back up only whole.

    I am into this more than the asked $1400. Including sights of course this time. MI flip up front and rear HK style. Single point sling plate, Houge grip, can throw in up to 4,5 mags.

    This isnt a parts gun or a kit I added on after. This is a factory rifle. I have added some parts but never ripped it apart or changed the major components.

    Why so high?... I am in love with this, I also am not going to let her go for nothing. Rare as this is a much higher priced piston kit than what CMMG is offering. Reliable no fuss no selectors and bullet proof. At twice the cost of the current ones I love this piston and wouldnt mind keeping it.

    Trades that is mainly what I am looking for. Not really looking for outright sale. I can keep this and just keep building on it. No desperation sale here. Have a Eotech that I can put on top of her for another $400. Well doubt that its going anywhere. But I can list it.

    Trades. The meat of the meal!

    AR15 Ambi lower?.. First on the list here.
    A-DAC-F is the main one I want. 556 or the 7.62 yeah high trade interest here.

    Sig 1911 Tac Ops Scorpion or railed 1911s
    7.62x39 AR flat top and no triangle FSB.
    SASS CMMG or DPMS (would rather one with a CTR stock not the PRS can work something out on trade.)
    Ar 15 spikes Zombie lower
    Ar15 lower complete with CTR in black.
    Ar15 DGI quad railed. Flat top only.
    REALLY NICE BOLT RIFLE tacticaled out and threaded barrel
    Benelli M4/M11707 with +2 extension and collapsible stock
    Let me know what you got for trade as well.

    Lowballers will get countered with excessive pricing. Too low offers get added fees due to aspirin overhead needing to be restocked.

    High offers get rapid response Great Customer Service and Support.

    Fair prices I might negotiate with. Good people I definitely will.

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