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    So Im watching a vid on U-tube and some guy is showing off his 72 hour kit and the first thing he pulls out is a cotton sweatshirt... Im thinking oh great the cotton killer.. Anywho got me to thinking about something that I've not really seen talked about much which is to have a base layer in my 72 hour and or GH bag. Anyone with outdoor/camping experiance knows how cold it can get at 4AM no matter the time of year, but it seems to be a huge hole for people who dont really do thoes sorts of activities.

    So what knowlege do you take for granted that you dont see talked about much when it comes to gear/72hr kits/or survival in general.
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    I change my bob to fit the day and the distance I am traveling. Same with my clothes I wear and the handgun I take. You can't just throw stuff in a bag and forget about it. Manage your life, don't let events manage you.

    In the old west the cowboys had a "kit" they used every day because they were in the weather. We have become soft and drive everywhere. The soft will die first.


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    One thing I have never seen mentioned, 'tho

    If you look at our guys and gals in harm's way.......

    Kneepads, and good ones, too.

    Now I'm at the age when all the fun and work I had,

    Plus runnin' three counties in the moonlight

    Is racking up on me.

    Trust me brethren and sisteren,

    It'll rack up on you too........

    So when I get up, its

    Testicles, spectacles, wallet, watch

    And kneepads.


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