Closest place to Seattle where private landowners may shoot?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by McAngus, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Starting from Seattle and fanning out in all directions, what is the near town that a private land owner may shoot firearms? I am guessing it will be towards the West, across the sound.
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    Snohomish has similar maps too - IIRC.

    Generally, the sheriff in a given country near metro areas will usually have maps like this that show the "no shooting" areas.

    There are ones for Washington County in Oregon too.

    You just have to google for them.

    And I would go by the official maps, not whether someone on the internet says its legal or not.
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    In PDX area - no where inside the Urban Growth Boundary may you shoot, other than at an established range. So, also check for other quasi-government agencies during your search. It should be OK unless posted, but in reality it is NOT OK, except for /some/ areas.

    I was out for a ride along Skyline and game to an gravel drive way, onto what appears to be Warehouser property. Signs, signs and more signs. Warehouser had posted hunting only during state established open seasons. Multnomah county had other signs - no shooting. If you get up there, it is a nice view point.
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