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    Gen 3 Glock 22 with factory night sights, grip plug, and friction tape grip. Several factory 15 round magazines and 1000 rounds of FMJ in a metal NATO ammo can.
    The gun is in nearly new condition - about 500 rounds through it. I have the original case with magazine loader, manual, etc.

    Why do I want to sell/trade: I am exploring trade options since I am bored with this pistol and rarely shoot it. My wife doesn't care for it. I am moving toward metal frame pistols.

    Cash price:

    I am more interested in a trade - I won't sell the ammo or mags unless the pistol is gone first.

    -Glock 22 - $500.00.
    -Magazines $25.00 each x 7 (I may have more - have to dig them out to be sure). Ammo - $245.00 with NATO steel ammo can. (I have several boxes or more of various HP's that I will throw in for the right deal.)

    What I am interested in:

    -PSL Rifle
    -Ruger Mini 30
    -Bulgarian (CAI) AK-74 clone with mags and fair trade of ammo for mine.
    -AR in 5.45x39 or 5.56
    -Not interested in pistols, Hi-points, 91/30's, or shotguns.

    WA Resident with CCW only or will transfer through an FFL on your dime.

    (I will add photos within the next couple of days if there is any interest. If I don't sell it, I really don't care as it will go back in the safe - just bored and looking for something different.)
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    you might want to move or change the thread heading to handgun classifieds
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