You can get a barrel just about any way you want it.

Light bullets should still work fine in a 1-9 twist. I would go with an 1-8 twist if it were me so I could run bullets up to 80 grains. The 1-9 might get away with 75 grains but 69 for sure.

A 26" barrel will make sure you burn all your powder and get plenty of velocity. You could probably get away with a 24" as well if you aren't using some of the slower powders.

If you are gonna be shooting this gun a bit I would go with a heavy barrel. A bull barrel will be less affected by heat then a varmint contour.
A very good gunsmith once told me that in a 22-250, it would be hard to build one better that a factory Savage, Remington, Browning. The only reason to build one is because you want to. Barrel length, twist, stock type, profile, weight, finish. They can all be had, from all the factory offerings. But if you need to make one just to make one, then cool. I did too.

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