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    Next Generation Arms (NGA) Patriot .223 AR-15

    5.56 Nato or .223

    Next Generation Arms (NGA) makes extraordinary high quality arms designed to function under harsh conditions.The primary market to date has been Law Enforcement and special military teams.

    The Patriot model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE after NGA retooled this summer and discontinued several models that weren't cost effective. Their change in production is your opportunity to get what is currently considered one of the premium AR-15s being made today for a bargain price.

    Extreme Environment Patrol Carbine.
    Match grade 16” chromoly steel barrel,

    1/9 twist, Hand Lapped, ceramic coated bore.
    NGA Proprietary Flash Suppressing Compensator.

    Direct Gas Impingement System.
    4 position ajustable Carbine butt stock.

    Large Oval Heat Shielded Hand Guards.
    Military standard Single Stage trigger group.

    Ceramic Coated Upper Receiver.
    Precision milled, 7075 hammer forged Lower.

    Military standard A-frame front post.
    CAA Detachable Carry Handle.

    Military standard AR Sight Package.
    AR15 Pistol Grip.

    Winter Trigger Guard.
    NGA proprietary ceramic treatment.

    Includes 1-30 round Cammenga magazine.
    Lockable hard carry case.

    Manufacturer notes:
    Next Generation Arm’s proprietary ceramic treatment is self-lubricating and heat disbursing. Your NGA rifle will run clean and cooler than any AR-15 you have ever experienced. It is designed to run dry, after break in period.

    SELLERS NOTE: I have broken in several of the NGA arms and the amazing story of running it without lubrication after break in is true! A simple wipe down with Break-Fee CLP will remove all residue from the action and bore and leave your weapon ready to run until you feel guilty enough to clean it again. Their test model has currently fired more than 6000 rounds WITHOUT OIL OR CLEANING! The Patriot model in this listing has the same ceramic coating (inside and out) as the top-of-the-line NGA models that now start at $2200 and go up from there.

    60% of recoil motion eliminated, as compared to a standard off the shelf AR style rifle. This is attributed to specific recoil and muzzle flip reducing components that are standard equipment on Next Generation Arms rifles.

    90% of Standard AR maintenance time has been eliminated. This is due to the oil free environment, and the pores of all metal surfaces being sealed with ceramic. Dirt and grime has a hard time sticking to our lifetime ceramic coated components.

    It has only been fired 75 times and has been cleaned the proper way following manufacturer’s specs. This is an incredible ar15 and hasn't even been broken in yet.
    The AR15 comes with a 30 round canaga cmag, and two PMAG 30 MagLevel 5.56x45 Magazines, and its hard case.

    I may be interested in some trades just ask the worse I can say is no thanks, Otherwise I am asking 1200 cash for it, FTF with oregon ID. I am not in a hurry to sell just thought id put a feeler out there.


    A link to more pics of it.
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    Who ever purchases the rifle can call us and we will mail out an updated version of the owner's manual at no charge.
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