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    Hello folks,
    I have various .308 rifle ammunition left over and have nothing to shoot it with anymore. So, I was looking to trade it for some .38 pistol ammo if anyone is interested. The .308 ammo is nothing special, most of it would probably be good for plinking but I do have a few hunting rounds left. Below is the list of what I have for trade:

    36 rounds of TulAmmo 150 Gr. FMJ (Steel Case, non-corrosive - Berdan primed)
    12 rounds of Federal 150 Gr. Soft Point

    I also have 20 Remington .308 brass shells for reloading if you want those too.

    I'm not looking for a shell for shell trade here. I realize the ammo I have isn't the highest quality. I'd be interested in whatever you feel would be a fair trade in quantity. I prefer factory rounds over reloaded. I also prefer a face to face trade in the Vancouver WA area. Not that it's necessary but I have the appropriate I.D. and CCW if it makes you more comfortable.

    Give me a call or msg me. (360) 852-1026

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