I miss the days of "primitive hunting season."

I understand the idea of why some folks use modern muzzle loading rifles...
Longer season , the ability to take any deer in many areas...
As well as getting all the sales talk / you tube "wisdom" and the like regarding the supposed superiority of modern inline muzzle loaders and how that would sway people into thinking some things.

In my view it ain't much different than using a modern center fire rifle.
These rifles are muzzle loaders ....but are also a work around to a regulation...
Regulations that keep changing and moving away from their original intent.
Hence my lament for the days of "primitive hunting season" as it was called where I grew up.

In any event...
Hunt well , respect the land , respect your hunting and shooting abilities and respect the animal being hunted.
Finally, a reason to actually buy this thing!!!


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