Clones of the HK 416 Maritime magazine....$14ea

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    These are exact replicas of the HK Maritime mag that costs $50-$60ea
    This magazine looks, feels and functions just like the HK Maritime Mag. If you had them side by side it would be hard to tell them apart. This mag has a steel follower and special corrosion restistant finish. This is a fabulous and high quality mag for the price. It has all the features of the HK Maritime mag at a fraction of the cost.

    They are heavy steel with steel anti-tilt followers. Made by KCI.

    5 for $65
    10 for $120

    Here is a link to the HK version. Check out the pricing.

    Here is what sell the clones for:

    add 3% for credit cards. Silver coins accepted as payment as well.

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