Cliven Bundy: Ranch has been fed-free since armed standoff

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    They stood their ground on an unjust law also.

    Cliven Bundy: Ranch has been fed-free since armed standoff - Washington Times
    Arizona just passed a law giving the people of Arizona the power to interpret the Constitution through Prop 122, placing language in the state constitution that would empower the state to pass referendums, bills or use other legal means to end cooperation with unconstitutional federal acts, if nothing happens before January 2, 2015 will the Clark County Sheriff-elect Joe Lombardo follow former Sheriff Gillespie's actions and do nothing, or will Clark County Sheriff-elect Joe Lombardo give in to the will of the FBI and attempt to arrest Cliven Bundy or will he follow the the actions of elected Elkhart County, Indiana incumbent Republican Sheriff Brad Rogers who believes that because he and other sheriffs are the highest law enforcement officials in the land, they can decide what laws are not legitimate and need to be ignored, pursuant to their oath of office which only requires the Sheriff to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and the Indiana Constituion, not other laws. This could require Clark County Sheriff-elect Joe Lombardo, to protect Cliven Bundy from the FBI?
    You can bet on one thing, before or after January 2, 2015 the Militia, as a necessity to the security of a free State,(2nd Amendment) will be at the Bundy Ranch, either in support of the Sheriff or not
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    I have to believe that the Fed's are in the process of getting back at C B in some sneaky backdoor way. I don't trust them as far as I can throw a car!!!!!!:mad:
    They arent giving up totaly i guarantee you that.
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    This is the interwebz so take it with a grain of salt but read this link.....
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    It's game on then, they have overstepped their boundaries, AGAIN. This could get ugly!!!
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    Bundy, Redux
    Posted on November 10, 2014 | 27 Comments
    From over the transom:
    I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Sadly things here on the ranch have taken a turn for the worse.
    It seems that the BLM played its hand in retaliatory fashion.
    My son Ammon has put together some information as to how the BLM intends to steal our ranch away from us, this time by declaring it to be an “Area Of Critical Environmental Concern”. This is the BLMs way to go around congress and declare Bundy ranch a wilderness area. It is an abuse of power an we ask that you contact your representatives in congress and tell them the American people will not stand for unelected representatives pushing people off the land using administrative closures to create the equivalent of wilderness areas without congressional approval and the only reason they are doing this is to punish us for standing our ground.
    You can use this link to find your representatives.
    On Friday October 10th, 2014 a Notice from the federal registry reveals that the federal government is mounting retaliations against the Bundy family and the Southern Nevada people.
    Federal Register / Vol. 79, No.197 Notice, outlines plans to make the Bundy ranch and most of the rest of Southern Nevada, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs). 90 days from October 10th, 2014 these proposals will become federal law without consent from the Nevada State legislatures or the people of Southern Nevada.
    Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) are human restricted management areas. ACECs have been a tool used by the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources.
    As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people. This includes most uses on the land (recreational, agricultural or otherwise).
    Listed below are just a few of the outlined restriction that come with ACECs:
    · Closed Roads
    · Excluded Trails
    · Closed to Camping
    · Closed to Recreational Vehicles
    · Closed to Motorized Travel
    · Closed to Livestock Grazing
    · Restricted Human Hiking
    · Restricted Horseback Riding
    · Exclude Group Recreations
    · Closed to Mineral Development
    · Closed to Water Access
    · Closed to Hunting / Target Shooting
    The Southern Nevada people soon will have less access to their lands than any other people in the history of this country.
    There are 33 new Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) proposed to cover Southern Nevada totaling 1,739,795 acres. 12 of the 22 existing ACECs are also proposed to be expanded. (See List Below) The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) filed this lists on October 1st.
    Area Acres Area Acres
    Big Spring Valley 79,958 Muddy Mountains 228,297
    Bitter Spring 61,840 Old SpanishTrail 51,449
    California Wash 11,998 Opel Mountains 77,410
    Gale Hills / Lovell Wash 4,788 Pahrump Valley 41,770
    Grapevine Springs 202 Pahrump Valley to McCullough 274,061
    Highland Range 53,015 Perkins Ranch 408
    Hiko Wash 708 South Bare Mountains 87,692
    Ivanpah Valley 3,134 South Newbury Mountains 26,877
    Invanpah Valley 289,599 Specter Hills 6,603
    Jean Lake 12,692 Devils Hole Hills 283,538
    LaMadre (North & South) 2,431 Spirit Mountain 9,488
    Lava Dune 623 Stewart Valley 5,204
    Logandale 8,118 Stuart Ranch 278
    Lower Mormon Mesa 66,353 Stump Spring 126,952
    Mesa Milkyetch 9,183 Upper Las Vegas Wash 22,244
    Moapa / Mesquite 2,219 Valley of Fire 131,378
    Mt Schader 285 Mormon Mesa 167,594
    Virgin River 8,500 Whitney Pockets 160
    Armagosa Mesquite 9,650 Arden Sites 1,142
    Arrow Canyon 2,070 Ash Meadows 28,202
    Big Dune 2,456 Coyote Spring 51,528
    Crescent Townsites 435 Devils Throat 848
    Gold Butte 346,895 Keyhole Canyon 446
    Hidden Valley 3,356 Piute / Eldorado 352,159
    Rainbow Gardens 39,366 Red Rock Springs 683
    River Mountain 11,029 Stump Springs 646
    Total Restricted Acres 2,767,941
    This is a direct assault on the State of Nevada. It is also a deliberate retaliation against the people for standing against the horrific action of several federal agencies at the Bundy ranch.
    The boldness of the federal government’s timing and action on these matters are astonishing. They are again making a clear case that they are willing to use federal power to punish the local people. Harry Reid’s declaration “This is not over” is proving to be uncharacteristically accurate.
    Before the Bundy ranch standoff, there were approximately 1 million acres of ACECs in Southern Nevada. Now after the Bundy standoff, the BLM is proposing an additional 1.8 Million acres (a 280% increase) all of which just happens to be in Southern Nevada.
    Although this is not proof, anybody with a little intelligence can see that Harry Reid and the BLM are not protecting the environment; they are punishing their enemies.
    How is it that all newly proposed critical environmental land in the Untied States just happens to reside within miles of the Bundy ranch? Is the land in Southern Nevada so different/dangerous/special/delicate and important?
    From near the beginning of history, tyrannical men have sought to oppress through the control of land and resources, “Control the land and resources, and you have the power to control the people”. There is a direct correlation to land and resources with power and wealth. All major powers in world history have gained their power & wealth by conquering the land and controlling the resources.
    It is self-evident that certain men within our government understand this and have implemented these age-old tactics upon the people of this country. For decades they have used government to gain power & wealth for themselves by controlling the land and resources.
    Our founding fathers understood this nature, they drafted the Constitution to protect us from the despotic men that history is so full of. They limited the powers of government by outlining what lands the federal government can control and by separating the powers they hold. Their intent was to quickly dispose the land and resources to the local people, where it is most safe.
    Under federal rule, the people that live on or near the land have no say to what happens in their own backyards. They have no republic form of government. The decisions are all made by appointed representatives from Washington D.C. These representatives have no responsibility to the people and there is no practical legal way to hold them accountable. In direct violation of the U.S. Constitution federal agencies use the lands as their own and suppress the rightful stewards.
    At the moment of Statehood land inside the new State is no longer U.S. Territory, and no longer does U.S. Congress or any of the federal agencies have authority to dispose of the land or make any rules or regulations respecting to it. At Statehood it becomes the right and duty of the people of the State to dispose of and regulate all the lands within the boarders of that State. This is called a republican form of government, for the people, by the people.
    The incident at the Bundy ranch indicates that people are beginning to question the legitimacy of federally control lands within their State. It also proves that the people have the courage to stand against despotic government actions. The purpose of the federal government is to protect and uphold the rights of the people, not to profit from the spoils in taking their lands and resources away.
    The recent action of the BLM in creating new federal code (ACECs) to expand their control and power by restricting the people further from their lands is a continuation of illegally controlling land with-in a State.
    We call upon our County and State representatives to take courage and end the unconstitutional federal control of land and resources within the State. The legal and rightful control of the land belongs to the local people. The land within the State must be returned to people in a republic form of government. It is time for the State to dispose of the land to the people, open the land up for useful purposes, and protect the preemptive property rights of the people.
    Lest there be any confusion regarding how these new federal rules impact the Bundy family, we will continue ranching as our family has done in the Southern Nevada area for over 137 years. We intend to use our preemptive property rights of grazing and water, the rights that Nevada State law both recognizes and is charged to protect.
    We are not intimidated by the past action of the federal government, nor will we yield to their future attempt to subdue the State or the people. We refuse to submit to unconstitutional codes and regulation that dismantle Statehood and deprived our American neighbors and ourselves of the unalienable right so many of our kinsmen suffered and died for.
    The Bundy Family

    October 25, 2014
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    Ah, it's a perfect time to visit during winter.... just sayin that the heat is so bad during summer & the rattlesnakes are hibernating which is a good thing because I'd never hear the snake that would bite me......:oops:

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