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Clint Smith DVD's

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by ricsha, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. ricsha

    ricsha Oregon Coast - Lincoln City Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Does anyone out there have, or know of a place that has, the full set of Clint Smith (Thunder Ranch) DVD's for rent? Or do you have the set, and want to sell them?
  2. RBar

    RBar Northwest Oregon Member

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  3. xstayfrostyx

    xstayfrostyx PDX Member

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    While not directly related the OP's original question, to anyone else who may be considering it, I would HIGHLY recommend the Thunder Ranch line of training DVD's. They are an excellent reference tool for a beginner, and a also a great refresher for someone a little more seasoned. :thumbup:

    While not as "high-speed" as some of the other training videos available out there, Clint Smith takes a very straight-forward, no BS approach to his practical series of videos. :twocents:
  4. MrNatural

    MrNatural Oregon Well-Known Member

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    The problem with the Thunder Ranch videos is that they are "one video for the price of two."

    Both presentations would fit comfortably on one DVD and would make more sense. The two DVD's are the classroom intro and the range work demonstration, which logically go together. This is the same for both rifle and pistol.

    But they decided to clip their customers for an extra vid and split one DVD into two.

    Oh and there's nothing special about their training vids. Very basic stuff. Well done, but basic. Like most instructors, Smith sells the basic stuff on DVD and retains the neat/advanced stuff for the students paying $200+ a day to attend his school. If you've never taken any training before, the DVD's may be worthwhile. Otherwise you're probably better off with a more advanced set. Kelly McCann's pistol and carbine videos come to mind.