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    Cleaning the shop and bench out and have a few things to pass on
    At a decent price I believe.

    I have some ammo, components and 1 real nice holster here, will list
    as I pulled them out...

    1..One full sealed box of Federal 22 Mag ammo..50gr. Jktd. HP #757
    +32 misc. rnds. of CCI, Fed, Win...$20.00

    2..One full sealed box of Rem. 17HMR ammo..17gr. accutip-v #pr17hm1..$10.00

    3..22LR..860 rnds...Rem.Solids #1522..264 rnds
    Rem. HP #1622...67 rnds
    Rem. Cyclone..#CY22HP..165 rnds
    Rem. viper..#1922...132 rnds
    Fiocchi 40 gr.LSP #22CRN 48 rnds
    Misc. Bulk..Fed. Re. CCI..190 rnds
    All of it $50.00

    4..One sealed bag of 100 ea. Win. 223 Brass...$25.00

    5..One bag of 100ea. Win. 270 cal. bullets 130 gr. PP...$25.00

    6..9mm brass NEW, bulk, old stock (1996) Speer 450 pcs...$70.00

    7..Bianchi Shoulder Holster #X15 like new with a few scuffs, it carried a
    Ruger Blackhawk 7 1/2 for a few years, still needs to be broke in...$50.00

    I'm located out in Aumsville OR, have sold here before with positive results
    Been under the radar the last year or so and you will have to arrange to come
    out here to pick up anything you want as I have no gas to travel at this time.

    Thanks for checking out my list
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