Cleaned it up!! - SKS w/ scope, extra stock, bayonet & 4X rear Scope Mounts

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by jdogg, Dec 29, 2012.

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    So I just bought this SKS this morning thinking I would add it to the herd but I may have spent a little too much on guns this week and enraged the old lady. As a result, either this bad boy or I have to go. It has a little surface rust here and there. It would be a good purchase for someone wanting to secure a rifle before any bans but is short on the cash. It comes with one magazine and a scope. and I am keeping the sling. I also added an extra stock, bayonet from a Russian SKS and 3 more of those rear cover scope mounts. Here is the run down..

    I paid $325 for it
    I spent $40 in gas to get it
    and added a ton of extras ($40 for the stock, the covers were $20 apiece and I believe the bayonet was $15 at a gun show years ago)
    I will also include 20 rounds of wolf ammo (5 whole Bucks!)

    I need to get $400 out of it. I am selling it for what I have into it, no gouging. Before the ban worries this would have been a $350 gun w/ the extras. I am firm on the price for a couple days, then if it does not sell (I believe it will sell pretty quick...) I will accept offers or trades.

    I will reiterate though, this is not a very nice gun. It is a little rough but very very salvageable with a couple hours of work.

    View attachment 51379 View attachment 51380

    The gun and I are here in Salem and for a loss on my end, you have to come to Salem. First one to give me cash gets me out of trouble and a rifle in their hands.


    Just cleaned it up... Couldnt stand to let it sit that way. Steel brushed the few rust spots off and killed them. Then Painted. Pretty happy with my work. Changed scope, still 4X fixed. All accessories still included. View attachment 51410
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