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Class III

Hey I've been thinking about going through the tax stamp process and purchasing a suppressor or two, as well as an SBR upper for an AR.

I've heard about doing a 'trust' transfer, but I don't fully understand what that means.

Any of you guys into "stamp collecting"

Do we have any class III dealers on this sight? Or any recommendations of good class III dealers?
SWR is almost always the best as far as db reduction and quality.

Unless you are comparing them side by side, it is difficult to tell the difference in performance.
I like YHM for the value.
AAC for innovation.
SWR is what I would buy if I could only have one brand though, but they are very expensive.
Lauer is the least expensive along with BCA.
Tactical Innovations has good cans also.

If it's your first can, I would go with the cheapest .22 can you can find.
It's the best way to get "Holywood Quiet"
Although I can't provide any firm information to back this up, I would be very hesitant about doing a Trust for you purchases. Given the changing political climate, I think that it would be all to easy for local law enforcement to take umbrage to your circumventing there authority in the process. At some point it does not matter if you would ultimately prevail or not, precious few of us have the financial reserves to battle the state in a long court battle.
So JMHO, but if/when I get anything that requires a tax stamp, I will NOT be doing the trust route.
Hey thanks for the quick responses. I understand that a trust might not be the way to go, but I'd like to have a better understanding of my options, can someone better explain the process of a trust?
I usually don't shoot .22 through a .223 can. The .22 ammo is really dirty, and the .223 cans are expensive.

I do like the YHM .7.62 QD can because you can get a .223 QD Vortex flash hider for your AR and use it on a .308 or .223 rifle. One can for 2 rifles.

That is probably the best deal for centerfire rifle cans.
Evan though Google is not our friend, in this case it can be your friend.

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And some forum ramblings

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Two notes, I did see some opinions during this search that indicated that the trust provision is written in to the Original NFA circa 1934, so I would suggest doing your own due diligence, and maybe evan popping for a half hour or so consult with a NFA savvy attorney. And finally, if you do your own search you will find a site I did not link to. As early as kindergarden it was pointed out that I "do not suffer fools gladly," so they and I are no longer on speaking terms.
I don't have a can, but I thought about getting one of the Gemtech HALO suppressors for my AR-15. They fit right over the A2 flash hiders so you don't have to unscrew or screw things together.
Should also work for .22lr
I STRONGLY recommend you re-think your QD choice.
Any can using an a1/a2 flashhider is going to be a bad choice.
Too many companies build those flashhiders so the tolerances are loose.
Meaning the can will have to have loose or OVERSIZED baffles to avoid a baffle strike.

For 90% of civilian use, a thread mount is a better choice.

Also, it is NOT recommended to shoot .22 lr through a .223 can.
.22 is too dirty of ammo to shoot more than a few rounds through it.
MOST .22 cans are designed to dis-assemble for just that reason.

Just my $0.02.
Pat - PCArms
Oregon Research Labs, LLC

Two other sites you should check out are:


Just remember, they are JUST REFERENCE SITES,
NOT Gospel, just another WEB SITE,
but some good info, if you can sift through the bull.



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