Clackamas County discussion on a 2nd Amendment Resolution

Discussion in 'Oregon Firearms Federation' started by RifleEnthusiast, Feb 7, 2015.

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    Just got this from OFF, thought I'd share the information. I will personally try to make it to the meeting, if you can make it that would be great, if you can't, you can either email the board at or email Paul Savas (the swing vote in the resolution) at

    "Finally, we have learned that on Feb 10, at 2pm, Clackamas County will be discussing a 2nd Amendment Resolution. This is a very, very important event. Clackamas County is as close to Portland as you can get. In fact, in some places it IS Portland. We need to get as many people to this meeting as possible.

    Any action taken on this will be at a subsequent meeting on Feb. 19 at 6PM. Please plan to be at both meetings. They will be held at the Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City. Phone is 503-655-8581.

    You can email the Board at .

    Two of the five board members are anti-gun. Martha Schrader, ex-wife of anti-gun Congressman Kurt Schrader, and Jim Bernard. The swing vote will be Paul Savas who has sought support from pro-gun organizations in the past but is in no way committed to protecting our rights. Contact him and tell him to support a pro-rights resolution to defend the Second Amendment. Savas's email is .

    Don't forget the Constitutional Rights Rally on the Capitol Steps on Monday, Feb 9!"

    Link to the full notice: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact...5b546&ch=91e74bc0-88cb-11e3-ab5e-d4ae5275b546
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    Reading the link; it seems to me that there is support for the resolution (although it could be about regulating gravity and be just as effective).

    Regardless of what the county's stance is on the 2nd Amendment; whatever they decide will be a symbolic gesture that won't change how, where, or when I carry my gun.

    Just like the one from Multnomah. :cool:
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    Y'all should have seen the letter the Skamania Co. Sheriff Brown sent out to his constituents.. To say his is pro 2nd Amendment is putting it mildly. It was eloquent and to the point.

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