WTS/WTT OR Civil War treasure- Smith carbine .50 cal

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    The Smith Carbine was a 0.50 caliber breech-loading rifle patented by Gilbert Smith on June 23, 1857 and successfully completed the Military Trials of the late 1850s. It was used by various cavalry units during the American Civil War.

    The Smith Carbine was unique in that it broke apart in the middle for loading and it used rubber cartridges which sealed the gases in the breech. The downside was that these cartridges were difficult to remove.[1]

    The carbines were built by Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts; the American Machine Works in Springfield, Massachusetts; or the American Arms Company in Chicopee Falls. The name of the distributor for the manufacturer, Poultney & Trimble of Baltimore, Maryland, is often stamped on the carbine's receivers. only 30,062 made.

    ABOUT THE GUN- The one you are viewing does show its age with some patina and light pitting on the barrel and receiver. There is a little pitting in the bore but nothing that should effect accuracy. All serial numbers match though out the gun, The action locks up tight no side movement at the breach, actin works smoothly. stock is solid, does indicate that the gun was used as a club do to 2 light cracks on either side of the stock. There are what appears to be counting marks on the side of the fore stock, maybe a account of soldiers or possibly Indians taken with the gun? This gun shows obvious signs of being in the war/ battles 20150413_072157.jpg 20150413_072241.jpg 20150413_072222.jpg 20150413_072354.jpg and lots of use. Very cool gun to have in your collection.

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