WTS/WTT OR Civil War Starr 1858 & Remington 1855 Conversion

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    Salem, Oregon - I have two Civil War era rifles up for sale. A Starr 1858 Carbine, as well as a Remington-Maynard conversion.

    Starr Carbine - Only a little over 20,000 of these carbines were ever produced. This particular rifle has been pretty heavily reworked post-war. The barrel has been replaced, the stock replaced or altered and a crude extractor has been fitted to eject spent cases. The lock still functions and this is where most of the value is. Serial number is in the mid 14,xxx

    Remington-Maynard Conversion 1855 - this is one of the earliest Remington conversions out there and likely sent to the Union Army for testing before going into full production in 1857. This rifle too looks to be reworked. The original barrel has been cut down eliminating the front band and sight. It is missing the rear sight and the tape cover is no longer there. The lock on this rifle has positive engagement when fully cocked but there is no half-cock engagement.

    They are not pristine or even complete but are pieces of American history. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Asking *SOLD* for the pair. Will consider firearms related trades. Thank you. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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