city council meetings on 594 - sammamish, lake forest park city, kirkland

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    from the i-591 alerts:

    Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

    Several municipalities will have hold public comments on both statewide gun initiatives within this next few days. These municipalities may hold votes on resolutions supporting or opposing the measures. Supporters in the area that are able attend are encouraged to comment in support of I-591 and opposing I-594.

    Public comments give public officials a good idea for some of the sentiment of the public. Some of these officials are supportive of gun rights, some may not be.

    As usual, remember to keep comments on topic, brief, and as always, respectful.

    October 7 - Sammamish City Council Meeting - 6:30PM

    October 9 - Lake Forest Park City Council Meeting - 7:00PM

    October 13 - Kirkland City Council Meeting - 6:00PM

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