Circle 10 mags, Midwest industries parts, Saiga 12 mags, and more.

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  1. 12sti

    olympia, wa

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    WA or most parts or Oregon I'll drive to for the right stuff. Or pay freight..

    Midwest industries handguard (universal i believe) for Arsenal AK
    Midwest industries handguard for AK74 - so one of the same.

    Angled foregrip x 2

    Circle 10 Bulgarian .223 magazine's or any other AK 223/5.56 variant. Even promag if I can test fitment

    Couple red dot optics

    Saiga 12 stick mags. 10 or 12 round

    minimum 250 round quantities of;
    223/556 plinking rounds
    7.62x39 wolf/tula variant
    12g game loads/00 buck/slug

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