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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Cicada, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Cicada

    Cicada Manning New Member

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    Hello Northwest Firearms

    I am a Oregon backwoods native and have lived here my whole life. I often droll over various rifles and handguns my friends call me a gun nut, or addict. I am also a internet junky and spend my time playing video games and browsing random websites. That being said, how in the world have I not seen this website. Anyway i had to get a account so i can begin posting and responding to some of the great threads i have browsed over.

    About me:

    I have a few rifles and handguns, as well as a compound bow. I don't hunt despite living in the backwoods (too much work during seasons), however i often shoot and target practice. I'm often loading my own ammo different ways to see what feels best to shoot and what works best with my guns.

    Not sure what else to say in a introduction.
  2. duane black

    duane black Washington Well-Known Member

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    Welcome to NWF !