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I just go the Christensen Arms Ranger 22 back from the factory. I received the rifle back in about a week.Today I am going to test it for the first time since return on the 100 yard line.

If you recall from the first video out of the box I had ejections issues. Christensen did everything right. The got the rifle back replaced the trigger guard which houses the ejector and the bolt due to new design.

You never want to have to use support to ever send a rifle back but if you ever do you want to make sure the organization you are dealing with has great support, and Christensen Arms support was top notch.


Did a search out of curiosity because my buddy was having problems with his Ranger 22 not extracting the same as yours. I looked at the extractors and they were both loose as hell. He bought it used for $600, could be why the person sold it. Does that sound like the problem you were having? I believe it needs new extractor springs.
Southwest Firearms
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