CHL or Voter ID Card = Not A Felon

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by All2kool, Apr 25, 2015.

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    In theory, if a buyer has a Voter ID Card or a CHL, they are not legally prohibited from owning a firearm. Convicted felons cannot vote. If you have a Voter ID Card, you are assumed to not be a convicted felon.

    Has anyone read through the entire bill? Would a BG check be required when selling a firearm to a LEO?
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    Yes but you can have a voter card and be crazy as well a State Senator like Polanski
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    There is no exemption for law enforcement or military except in the performance of their job.

    The problem with any form of ID is that it's really only valid at the moment it's issued. That's why people were asking for a readily available "prohibited persons" list that they could check before they sold someone a firearm. That way an adjudication of mental deficiency or restraining order would put someone on the list, even though they had a valid CHL or were active LEO.

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