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CHL class.

Discussion in 'Archived - Threat Dynamics' started by Nelson555, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Nelson555

    Nelson555 Marion Co. Member

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    My wife and I took the Concealed carry class today. we found it to be very informative and in depth. Ryan did a fantastic job of balancing making it informative and entertaining so you stayed focused and paying attention. He did a good job explaining the laws and ramifications of using deadly force. As a Bonus he did give everyone a 25% OFF coupon for range time which he actually Doubled to 50% OFF if we bought it tonight. (which i took him up on that and bought a 10 range card) A caveat the classes are full and this was our second choice for a Saturday class. BOOK EARLY!
  2. oknow

    oknow amboy wa. Well-Known Member

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    congrats on the chl
    Just remember there is still a lot to learn out there that will help you and the wife, and it will be a lot of quality time for you both (not to mention a little competition):thumbup:
  3. Threat Dynamics

    Threat Dynamics Tualatin, OR Active Member

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    Thanks for the review Nelson555!

    We appreciate you taking the time to let us and others know how we did.

    We hope we see both you and your wife back soon to use that range card, work with our instructors, and get the follow up training/courses!
  4. 3MTA3

    3MTA3 DMZ between Liberty and Tyranny Behind Enemy Lines Bronze Supporter

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    Reviving this thread to share my experience. My wife and I took the three state ChL class this morning. There were a lot of cheaper options, but I wanted to make sure that my fully understood the responsibilities and realities of concealed carry. The class was scheduled for 4 1/2 hours, but actually ran 6. The presentation was very good and covered all the bases. We definitely got our moneys worth and I can recommend them without hesitation.