WTS WA Chinese SKS with ammo

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    I bought this SKS a few years ago and loved it. I shot 320 rounds of noncorrosive ammo through it and the only issue I had was slamfiring (which I fixed).
    The rear receiver cover was rusted when I bought it so I replaced it with a new one that has a scope mount (can be seen in the pictures). With the mount came a AIM Sports 4x32 scope which is securely mounted with thread-lock. To fix the slamfires, I replaced the firing pin with Murrays Improved Firing Pin (linked below) and it cannot get stuck anymore, so there is no worries about a runaway gun.
    If you are unfamiliar with the SKS, the mounted bayonet swings forward and hooks around the crown of the barrel. All parts have matching numbers (the receiver, magazine, bolt, stock and receiver cover). I took good care of it while I've had it and cleaned it after every use. With the rifle I am including 640 rounds of 123 grain WOLF WPA hollow point, steel cased ammo, both receiver covers and the scope. Below is the firing pin that I have in the rifle. Unfortunately, I do not remember where I bought the receiver cover.
    Also, I'll throw in an old hard case that missing most of the padding. It kind of works.


    Rifle - $400
    Ammo - $160
    Firing pin - $40
    Mount/Scope - $40
    Total - $640

    I am asking $590 or best offer for it all. Cash only. Make a trade offer if you want. I won't go below value without cash.
    Post an offer here and I will get back to you as soon as I can. The worst I can do to you is say no.



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