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China, Knife fight equals US gun assaults

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rocky3, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. rocky3

    rocky3 oregon coast Active Member

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    KUNMING: More than 10 assailants slashed scores of people with knives at a train station in southern China, drawing police fire, in what authorities called a terrorist assault by ethnic separatists based in the far west, state media said on Sunday. Thirty-three people were killed and 130 wounded.
    China blames Uighur separatists for knife attack; 33 dead - The Times of India.
    Maybe gun-grabbers should call for knife-control and back ground checks for knife buyers.
    Maybe next it will be bomb control.
  2. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    How was this a knife fight? Reads to me like run amuck stabbing. I didn't read about any fighting.
  3. cookie

    cookie THE SOCIALIST STATE OF KALI - FORNIA Well-Known Member

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    Yes we are just like England. Subjects of the new world order don't need kinves or guns to protect themselves. That is what the police are for.
  4. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    /sarcasm/ Obviously it's working!! /sarcasm off/

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  5. The Heretic

    The Heretic Oregon Well-Known Member

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    The thing is that 10 people assaulting/killing people with knives is not the same thing as one crazy shooting up a bunch of people.

    My point is, be careful using this in a debate without considering that factor - not all gun-control people are stupid and some are likely to respond with this fact, which would most likely turn the debate on its head in the minds of the undecided or fence sitters.