Chicken Syndrome

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    Chicken Syndrome

    Ruling on subway stabbing victim highlights ?gun control? Catch-22 - National gun rights |

    It’s no surprise to Gun Rights Examiner readers that police have no duty to protect citizens. This column and the War on Guns blog have referred over the years to a highly-enlightening book by attorney Richard Stevens, “Dial 911 and Die,” which documents cases proving just that, and not just in New York, but throughout the states.

    It should not go unnoticed that an “ordinary citizen” stands no chance of getting a concealed carry permit in the Big Apple, and that the “Only Ones” sanctioned to have guns in this case hid like cowards to protect themselves, not the disarmed-by-law people paying them under the foolish fiction that the job of the police is to serve and protect.

    What if the slasher did have a gun? Who else would have been on-scene equipped to do anything about it?

    This is the contemptible state of affairs that Mayor Bloomberg, protected around the clock by a taxpayer-funded armed security detail, would impose on us all.
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    Five armed goons protecting him but us common insects are supposed to be unarmed.

    There are political puppets (almost every important politician is a bought and paid for sock puppet) and then are those that really take the agenda handed to them and gleefully run with it. Bloomberg is one of them. A wannabee coward dictator.

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