Chicago dead last in Federal prosecutions for gun violators. LA and NYC right behind.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Bigfoot, Apr 4, 2013.

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    So...what we´re basically seeing is the Feds scampering for more laws...when they´re purposely not enforcing the ones they already have, in the city with more gun deaths than Afghanistan - and the toughest metro gun laws in the nation.

    They try to disarm the legal citizens making then easy victims but at the same time refusing to charge and lock up the criminals caught using guns ensuring that they continue to kill, rob, rape, and victimize more people.

    Noodle that for a few minutes and factor in the F&F style straw purchase program that the feds used to provide firearms to the Chicago gangs.

    Premise: The feds aren't really against gun violence because it's scaring the citizens into accepting 2A restrictions.

    I smell Eric Holder, Obama's henchman.

    An added dimension is politics. 'Those evil Republicans forced sequestration which will hamper prosecutions and parole supervision. Give us more money if you want to be safe from gun crime.'

    Federal Judiciary Braces for Broad Impact of Budget Sequestration | United States Courts
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    It does not surprise me, it has been obvious for a long time but the leftist have their heads in the sand...
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    if you get busted for a gun crime you get a social worker and a free lawyer, not suprising. the federal prosecutors and federal judges in those jurisdictions should be replaced.

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