Chiappa adding RFID Chips to their guns

Wow, the response from MKS was pretty harsh. I don't see this being a huge issue, given that the chips are not powered and will only have make/model info in them. This may eventually be the norm for firearms, even adding info such as firearm owner into the chip for easy law enforcement tracking, and that is what I am not comfortable with. If this is just a high tech way of logging a serial number and nothing more, then it doesn't bother me.
2ng gen passive RFID can be read at an operating range of 40 feet and even much further in optimum conditions. I don't want anyone to be able to pick up that I have a concealed weapon, including police. When guns all have RFID you can bet the the laws will be changed so an RFID hit is enough probable cause to search you without a warrant.

Guns work just fine without RFID, so why would you buy one? Don't let this take a foothold in new gun MFG. Boycott any and all new guns with RFID
As long as there is no law passed saying I cant remove it then I have no problem with it. That being said, If you gave me a chiappa made anything I would probably use it to level up the wonkie leg on my workbench.
Probably as soon as they're becoming usefull and mainstream and some basic security/encryption measures are taken.

I've thought about this quite a bit and honestly, I'm kind of excited for the prospects.
I love the idea of a wallet and keys being antiquated annoyances that I once had to schlep around.

shades of 1984..
Tyranny takes baby steps. There are already kiddies nightclubbing in Amsterdam without carrying a wallet because they pay their cover with an implanted chip. Neat!

The way social engineers get naive people to accept invasive technologies is to first come up with uses for them that everyone can be on board with, then the babysteps continue. For instance, most people would be all for putting a chip in all dangerous criminals. Then there are simple RFID chips, not a huge deal; can't be read by satellites and that sort of thing. But people don't bother to know the difference in the technologies. Once they are convinced en mass that something is for their own good they give it a thumbs up.

That is how it starts. Nelson Rockefeller has said that his family and others eventually want to see everyone have an implanted chip. Is he joking? I don't think so. Should statements made by very powerful people be ignored? Probably not. Does the processing power exist to track everyone on the planet? Yes, Darpa/GIG. In reality, we are already there since your mobile phone is a crude version of this; tracks your every move both in real time and historically. Does it bother you that Verizon keeps a record of everywhere you are been for two years? They have admitted to that. It should bother you, but probably does not.


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