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    I have 3 rifles and 1 shotgun that I would like to either trade as a group or sell seperate or trade seperate....whatever...
    1) winchester 30-30 its real good overall condition. I like it but I dont need it.....$275.00
    or trade value $300.00 *GONE/TRADED

    1) Marlin lever action 30-30 very nice overall condition. I bought this new at big 5 sporting goods a few years ago and its had less than 60 rounds thru it. I really like the side ejection but again I dont hunt with these and my boys allready have 243's waiting for them when they are old enough to hunt. $300.00 or trade value $325.00 *GONE/TRADED

    1) Bolt action Mossberg 22 (the fold down handle one) its a model 342KC. I got from another member here, its been refinished in a cool desert tan. The fold down front stock grip is a really cool feature too. I think I have either one or two or three 10 shot (I believe they are 10 shot) magazines for this rifle. I want to say two for sure..
    its a neat rifle for plinking around. $200 or $225 trade value.

    1) Mossberg 410 bolt action shotgun, it was my sons first shotgun and he got his first grouse with it. I dont remeber what the heck I paid for it. Its an older gun but good for shooting birds or cans...(insert joke here) It has an internal magazine and shoots 2 3/4 and 3" shells. Anyway I figure I will let if go for a whopping $125 or trade for new ammunition in 5.56/223 or 9mm... make me a deal on some ammo people....

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