Cheaper than dirts newest email funny....

Just got this email. They are jumping on the same boat with olympic and larue. Funny thing is Cheaper than dirt will not sell to the goverment of these states and im sure the government with the only person that would buy from them as they love to overspend and waste money. With cheaper than dirt selling pmags at $99 a magazine who else with buy there over priced crap.... :s0114: . I do applaude the companys standing up for our rights just love to poke fun at cheaper than dirt as they should be called cheaper than dimonds at this point

Cheaper Than Dirt Supports Citizens'
2nd Amendment Rights

Recently companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms announced they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states denying civilians to own those same items. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt's policy not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and agents in states, counties, cities and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this sentiment.
Ive heard nothing buy bad things about CTD. They are probably just trying to make buddy buddy with Joe Gun Buyer. If our government or local law enforcement agencies are ACTUALLY going to CTD for munitions, we might as well just lay down our arms and let North Korea invade. What a joke!
Considering government agencies don't buy from them to begin with... it is a empty gesture.

At this point they burned their bridges. They could change their tune, but I still won't do business with them ever again. Capitalism is one thing, what they did was rape.
Cheaper than dirt doesn't have anything to sell anyways. Every time I've been on their website everything is out if stock anyway...
Ordered an RWS .22 Airgun from Cheaper than Gold a year ago according to the model # that I was looking for... they shipped the common model everyone else had :(
After reading all the posts about fellow nwfa members being upset with companies who raised their prices post-panic something funny occurred to me. How many members on this site have jobs where they make more money when a disaster strikes? Fireman, lineman, tow truck drivers, plumbers, wildfire fighters, construction, emts. Etc etc etc I would bet you are very happy with a short inflated wadge under bad circumstances. Just a thought.


Too little, too late. CTD's ship has sailed in this industry. They may retain a few customers if they REALLY fight for them, but the overwhelming sentiment seems to be they can take a long, long walk off a short, short pier...
lets always remember the price gouging that they did following newtown. I wont forget it, and refuse to give them my biz
I also specifically remember their price gouging, and have some notes somewhere on other companies I refuse to do business with because of that insanity.
If you haven't been angry at CTD for over 4 years, you haven't been paying attention, or you have a short attention span.

They lost me very long ago. I would much rather give a Portland homeless bum a fifth of liquor and a carton of smokes than waste my money with CTD. I'd be out the same amount of cash, but at least the somebody walking away with a smile only smells like an bubblegum.
CTD is on a PR campaign. There new banner ads (of which are sponsors of this site) stating they side with the NRA, now they refuse to sell those gov agencies who blah blah blah..... If, IF CTD had been selling to the .gov's they would have picked up on the GSA schedule as an authorized seller of select items. Who do these clowns think they are fooling? As far as I am concerned they are trying to corner the market on the lone, disconnected, isolationist who lives completely off the grid and gets his news from the local hardware-feed store-general mercantile with post office and liquor store. This is the only demographic who has not been abreast of all the 'stuff' CTD has been doing.

I'm boycotting CTD because I will not over-pay for products and I will not tolerate their game playing with other gun owners and myself. They have the right and freedom to sell or not sell what they want at whatever price in a free market/supply and demand system. I have the right and free choice to tell them FOAD. I like the idea of clamping down hard on CTD to send a strong message to other related sellers.


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