Cheap bullet feeder for progressive press.....

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by bmgm37, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I came across this on another forum and tried it out and it works great! I put it on my Dillon 650 and it has worked fine for over 600 rnds. Some say it is not any faster than placing the bullet on by hand but I bought 5 tubes and each tube holds 65 - 115gr FMJ so I can sit in front of the tv and load the tubes up before loading, pretty much like filling up primer tubes. It did cost more than $28 because of shipping but I am under $50:thumbup:

    $28.00 bullet feeder
  2. MarkAd

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    cool. I was thinking of trying to make something myself. Now I don't have to. YEHAW!!!!!
  3. deadshot2

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    I've loaded so many rounds on my 650 I'm afraid that should I put on one of these my left hand would reflexively still reach into the bullet tray and try to set a bullet on the charged case even with this device;);):)

    For those that do install one of these rather than fill tubes and have to change them, just get a tall stool for your wife to stand on and let her put bullets in the tube. Just be sure to give her food and bathroom breaks;)

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