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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by kukusya, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. kukusya

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    Hey all,
    I need your help guys. My lady don't like Ruger LCR any more because of the look, recoil and double action triger pull. And she has her eyes on Charter Arms lavender lady 38 S&W. Do any of you have personal experience with Charter arms? How reliable there are?
    Please leave a comments Christmas coming fast.
    Thank you.
  2. jluck

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    I have the charter red and black ultralight .38. It is similar to the LCR in weight and recoil so don't expect much change there if that's a key issue. There is a few of these floating around my group and they are plenty accurate and reliable.
  3. Mark W.

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    I own the stainless steel version of the Undercover .38spl+P slightly heavier then the Ruger I have found it to be an excellent little carry revolver.
  4. Certaindeaf

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    I think you'll find that the DA on the Ruger is about the best there is on a new, unmodified snubnose. It's fine that it's a DAO as that's the only way you're supposed to fire a DA revolver defensively, regardless of trigger pull weight/smoothness etc.. thankfully, the Ruger has about the best one.
    Oh, and about the recoil.. shoot wadcutters.. paper and defense they'll do very well and kick hardly at all. Also, the grips on the Ruger are about the best there is for recoil absorption. The only other thing you could do is get a heavier gun and fit it with equivalent grips.
    I don't own one but who cares about looks. Tell her to buy a rattlecan of lavender spray paint and knock herself out.
    Other than that, the Charter is a pretty good gun. Not really in the ballpark of a Smith or Ruger though, in my opinion.
  5. clambo

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    I have one of their .44 specials. Good gun after spring kit and trigger work. Had it probably 30 years or so. Definitely minute of bad guy at 50 yds.
  6. best defense

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    I have an older version of the Charter arms 38 with a 2 inch barrel.
    It is easier to shoot than some of the other 38s because it has a wide place at the back where it recoils into the palm of your hand.
    The only problem is that it is a 5 shot cylinder. I have an old Colts model D that is a 6 shot. The grip on the Charter is better than the grip on the Colt, or the grip on the S&W. I don't know about the grip on the Ruger.
  7. jim97701

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    Ive got a Charter Arms 38 undercover that I carry alot due to its size and the fact that I trust it to go bang every time I pull the trigger, Its not as sweet as my Ruger service six or my P89 but still a great little gun and the price on them is usually pretty reasonable. Plus unlike my other hand guns, I wont cry if it gets a bit banged up, LOL.

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