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Charles Daly AR 15

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Flabbydawg, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Flabbydawg

    Flabbydawg Oregon New Member

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    Ok I just looked it up...it's true. Prices (MSRP) from roughly $1100 to $2100. They look nice, but I have not heard very good things on their handguns, so I wonder how they will do in this market.

  2. Iceberg

    Iceberg Forest Grove Active Member

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    There are lots of AR15 M4 type rifles on the market now that would have better resale value later. You can pick up a Bushmaster, DPMS, LMT or Armalite for less than $1K. If you are willing to attach a lower to an upper, you can put together a quality AR15 for around $700. DSA has carbine uppers for sale for $275 (w/o BCG & Charging Handle) and complete lowers for $180 (less stock). That is $675 plus shipping & FFL fees (only for lower).

    Upper: $275
    BCG & Handle: $170
    Lower: $180
    Stock: $50

    That is pretty amazing for a new AR15 carbine!

  3. zul

    zul PDX Member

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    Most of these new companies coming out with AR15's are just contracted out from the major lower/upper manufacturers, then rebranded for each one. I dont remember all of the major houses, but I think they are DPMS, Bushmaster, and one or two others. If you buy a CD AR15 for $1100, you are paying $400 for the CD name IMO.