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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by freestoneangler, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Want to effect change regarding the later generations and their views on 2AR's? One way I know works is to invite them to go trap shooting. I've taken a few young engineers (late 20's early 30's), a couple who did not grow up around guns out to the range. It is amazing how much they love seeing the clay explode. One has since purchased a shotgun of his own and its a topic he loves and initiates. He and one of the others have since gone to the range on their own. My hope is that will result in them infecting some others.

    I love bellyaching about Obama, Bloomberg, Clinton and the rest as much as anyone here, but it won't change the trajectory of the demographics and the younger generations ambivalence about firearms and 2AR's. They, unlike the Boomers and our parents, are growing up in a world where hobbies like hunting, trap, target shooting is passé... the electronic binky represents their world.

    I am now convinced the way to change their minds and save our nations heritage concerning gun rights is to get them engaged... and trap shooting is an excellent primer. So make it one of your 2016 go-do's to introduce someone to the sport. Hell, even Joe Biden endorses shotguns :D.
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    Good job!
    When friends, relatives or acquaintances, who aren't familiar with firearms, get a gun I pretty much insist that they come out to learn what one needs to know to be safe and at least a little confident with the weapon. Fortunately, my gun club has a number of private ranges available so I don't have to train on the firing line. Now, a few of them shoot with some regularity and all of them are now pro 2-A supporters! This grass roots stuff is surely an important way to take care of our personal freedoms!:) SRG
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    Ive tried, I can get most to see and respect my point of view.. But it takes time.

    Good on you for trying to teach others.
    I think I should make it a point to get at least 5 people truely into firearms this year, thats a good 2016 goal.
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    I've had good results with my AR,s, HK 91 and Barrett 50BMG. As well as a good number of other ''Black guns''.

    Kids dig em! ;)
    There in all the movies and video games. There is already a great curiosity with these guns. And young people are excited to look them over and learn how they operate.

    And tolerance for all guns is my goal. So I just go with to the ''evil'' guns first. :D
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    Your right, I think most do ("dig em"), once they have been introduced in a fun way. Today's youth have been indoctrinated by the progressive liberals that guns in "real life" are evil whilst those wielded by their favorite Hollywood actors are cool. No doubt some will have an aversion to firearms just as some do about shooting and gutting an animal. But I suspect many have wanted to experience shooting firearms, but will never get the chance because those around them don't or worse yet portray it as pure evil stuff.

    I know one of those I took to the trap shoot is a solid liberal. I think he only went because the others chose to. The experience may not likely change his perception, but he sure seemed to enjoy shooting clays. Getting misconceptions about firearms changed has to start somewhere... and I think a trap range is among the best.
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    Taking someone shooting and picking up after yourselves afterwards is a great introduction to our hobby.
    Just be respectful and as stated above remember it takes time.
    With our traveling museum we have shown many folks that guns are not instant death to those who look at them or handle them properly.
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    I'm in complete agreement...

    Teaching the younger generations how to properly handle and use firearms is critical in changing their thinking. And a giant step forward in de-demonizing them.

    They are a mechanical device that cannot function without an operator, like a car, a hammer or a drill...

    Yet there's this stigma attached to firearms, as has been said, that makes them evil unless there in the hands of a favorite Hollywood hero...

    Liberal teachings, liberal mainstream media and hypocritical entertainment industry are all to blame..

    I'm going to make it a personal goal to de-mystify firearms for at least 5 people this year as well...

    Couldn't think of a better way to change the tide...
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